back and neck pain relief from Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, Kingwood chiropractor

After seeing thousands of patients over the past 19 years, Kingwood chiropractor Dr. Tyler Hamel DC says when it comes to back and neck pain; or backache relief; keep it simple silly.

Resilience and Taking Care Of Your Pain

What happened to our ability to hang in there, tough it out and keep the mindset of everything is going to be OK if I put in the effort and get healthier? Today we are far from resilient, we are soft when it comes to running to the doctor or the pharmacy when we have a cold, neck pain, back pain, sciatica or a headache. We have turned into a species of quick fix, you hear people saying it’s just too hard, it takes too much time, that’s way to much effort; when it comes to your health this is a sad state of affairs.

When talking with parents or grandparents they said they would only go to the doctor when it was necessary; the doctor might prescribe a medicine for two weeks and that would be it. Even for back and neck pain relief most people would be out of pain and back to normal after a week with which ever method or therapy they were using.

Fast forward to today, Dr. Hamel says, we are seeing patients come in to our office that have been on pain medicine, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medicine for 10 plus years. Some patients comment “I just need to take these everyday otherwise the pain is too intense”, or “my doctor prescribed this pain medicine but I am not sure how long I have to take it for”

At some point in their chiropractic examination Dr. Hamel will ask them is the medication helping, most will say that they are not sure but they just keep taking it anyway. They are now coming into to his Kingwood chiropractic office with neck and back pain for their initial visit; meaning the pain is still there and the root cause has not been addressed and treated.

Keeping It Simple – Neck and Back Pain Relief Is Not That Complicated

Tyler Hamel DC has been practicing for over 19 years; he has seen thousands of patients and says most people are just making back and neck pain too complicated. People spend more time and money, billions of dollars actually on quick fix medicine, shots, IV treatments, potions and lotions and never get to the underlying cause of their pain. This is way too complicated says Dr. Hamel so no wonder everyone is frustrated and irritated that their neck and back issues are not going away.

Keeping it simple means identifying the root cause of a patient’s migraines, neck stiffness, back spasm, shoulder pain, or sciatica nerve irritation. Dr. Hamel is always amazed at the new patients coming in to see him who have tried many different treatments and medicine all along not knowing the causing of their neck or low back stress.

As a chiropractic doctor for the past 19 years, Dr. Hamel DC has helped many back pain patients get better across the Kingwood area by finding out the main cause of their problem. Dr. Hamel says lets take a look at why so many people in Kingwood are having neck and back trouble?

He states that we have more postural stress and emotional stress than ever before, and top that off with poor diets, fast food and processed food. In this day and age our bodies are having a hard time dealing with all this stress, there is little to no stress relief and the food we are eating is making our health worse year after year. Postural stress causes a compression of the spine in the neck, mid back and low back which shows ups as joint irritation, spinal misalignment, nerve irritation, muscle spasm and inflammation.

Everyone has postural stress and the longer they have the more likely things like migraine headaches, cricks in the neck, burning in the muscles, low backs going out, not able to get out of bed, not able to go from sitting to standing and much more. Keep in mind says Dr. Hamel, pain medication or any other pill is not going to get rid of what’s causing these problems.

How Do You Get Out Of This Mess – The Chiropractic Solution

If there is one consistent thing doctor Hamel has been over the past 19 years is simply effective, yes explaining in very simple terms to patients what is causing their aches and pains, and what he recommends to fix it. Dr. Hamel helps his patients looking for back and neck pain relief go from a mindset making things too complicated to seeing how simple it really is.

How to get patients better when other therapies of medicine is not working; here is what this Kingwood chiropractic doctor recommends:

  • Remove the pressure being put on the joints or vertebra of the spine. Decompressing the spine using chiropractic adjustments releases pressure which is causing a lot of the back and neck pain.
  • Each patient is required to do postural, corrective exercises to help speed up the process, get quicker results and get long lasting results.
  • Nutritional supplements and guidance will give patients the nutrients they need to heal and repair, reduce inflammation and eliminate pain.

When back and neck pain patients do all of the above, over 90% of the time they will see significant improvement says Dr. Hamel. One can’t get these kinds of results with medicine, surgery or pain shots; there is just no comparison. Yes there are patients that we just can’t help admits Dr. Tyler and we always refer them to someone who can like a pain management doctor or orthopedic doctor.

Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, ACN chiropractor has been helping his patients live a higher quality of life by helping them eliminate their pain, improve their posture and optimize their health through proper nutrition. He truly has the philosophy of nature first and medicine second. Common health concerns that new patients come to see Dr. Hamel for are headaches, migraines, neck pain, whiplash injuries, sports injuries, hip pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, postural stress, chronic inflammation and more. His mission is to engage, educate and inspire his Kingwood community to be healthier naturally using chiropractic adjustments, exercises and nutrition.

To make an appointment for back and neck pain relief at his Kingwood Chiropractic Office, Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic please call 281-360-8387. One may also book an appointment online HERE

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How do you provide neck and back pain relief differently than other chiropractors in Kingwood?

Dr. Tyler Hamel offers his patients a comprehensive chiropractic package to get out of pain as quickly as possible. This includes chiropractic adjustments, muscle releasing, corrective exercises and nutritional support. When new patients engage in all three of these services they see the best results in the shortest period of time.

How do you go about treating migraine headaches, and is it safe?

Dr. Hamel DC looks at migraine headaches being a circulation problem and a nerve flow problem. Using chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises and nutritional support often times he can help his patients get rid of migraines quickly. Chiropractic adjustments are very safe, Dr. Hamel has given chiropractic treatment to kids at young as 7 weeks old and other patients in the 90’s.

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