My purpose is to guide and educate patients to optimize their health only using natural means, products and information and without the unnecessary use of surgery or long term medicine use.

My philosophy is to teach clients how to get the most out of chiropractic services, to empower them to get out of pain and stay that way. At my office I aim to get my patients back to a pain free, energetic way of life as quickly as possible using spinal treatments, corrective exercises and nutritional support.

I believe that working together, one on one with my patients creates a successful relationship bringing about a new level of health, adaptability to stress, energy, and resilience in this ever changing world we are living in.

I hold a Texas doctor of chiropractic license and advanced clinical nutrition. I combine spine/nervous system treatments with clinical nutrition protocols to help people naturally heal, repair, grow and obtain a new level of health.

I have been a practicing chiropractic doctor for over 20 years, I have helped thousands of clients naturally support their bodies from the many health challenges people are facing today. My mission is to help thousands more by inspiring them, supporting them, and enrolling them in a new healthy lifestyle bringing about their greatest potential.

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