Many Americans are growing more health conscious, with many seeking chiropractic care in record numbers. Those seeking Kingwood chiropractic services are looking to minimize aches and pains as well as restore their health via top notch chiropractic care and nutritional wellness programs, and all within the comfort of their own neighborhood.

However, being treated by a local licensed chiropractor should be about more than just convenience. It should be a nod to the personalized and customizable treatments patients can expect from a private practice with community roots and a dedication to health and wellness.

Common Causes for Neck and Spine Issues for Kingwood Residents

Our society is becoming increasingly technology based, and Kingwood chiropractors are seeing evidence of this in their offices every day. Modern advancements have made many seemingly impossible things possible, but our addiction to technology can come with a price paid by our bodies if we are not careful. Hours of looking at computers and smart screens are resulting in neck and spine issues for users who:

  • Sit too much without breaks. It is estimated that at least a quarter of American adults sit for more than eight hours a day, many of which are most likely spent sitting at a home or work desk. Not only is sitting for long periods of time without a break to get up and stretch the legs hard on our bodies, it can also be the perfect recipe for neck pain. A large number of cases of neck and spine issues can be traced back to poor posture, improper desk to chair height ratio, a computer monitor that is not at eye level, a chair that is not ergonomically correct.
  • Experience tech neck. The term describes the phenomenon of uncomfortable sensations in the neck and shoulders ranging from soreness to stiffness to pain. Many adults and teens spend in excess of at least four hours a day looking down at a smart phone or tablet. This can put undue strain on neck muscles which may also affect the shoulders and spine.

With the coronavirus pandemic, many people have taken up home repair or improvement projects, and that can create a whole new source of neck and spine issues in the following ways:

  • Heavy lifting. Whether it is a do it yourself home project, landscaping, part of your job description, or even constantly lifting a heavy backpack or briefcase, repeated heavy lifting can put a strain on the back and spine. This can result in conditions such as ligament strain or disk issues.

The Importance of Finding A Customized Chiropractic Experience

As individuals, we are all unique, from the size of our bodies to the way they move. For this reason, the Kingwood chiropractic services offered should be customized to offer each patient an exceptional experience.

Important considerations of choosing a chiropractor in Kingwood should include the following:

  • Type of provider. When it comes to chiropractic practices, there are two primary types: private providers and those that are part of a statewide or nationwide chain. Both should offer licensed chiropractors, but it is equally important for patients to ensure they offer customized treatment options designed for their specific needs.
  • Relatability. Smaller private practices often have only one or two practicing doctors. This can enhance a patient’s experience, making it more personable. This can also improve patient-doctor communication and lead to a patient having greater confidence in the care they are receiving.
  • Community roots. In smaller communities like Kingwood, a local chiropractor can be a treasure. Not only are community-based practices generally more accessible to residents, the staff come to know and appreciate the people and neighborhoods they serve.

The ultimate goal is for a patient to go to a chiropractor who knows them by name, understands their unique needs, and is willing to customize a specific plan for those needs.

What Reputable Kingwood Chiropractic Services Should Include

A person seeking chiropractic services should expect the provider they choose to offer a variety of services that alleviate common issues such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Ankle and knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Rotator cuff pain
  • Running injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder pain
  • Spine pain
  • Weight loss

This wide range of services is important for a provider to offer so that patients can make the most of addressing multiple and possibly connected issues at visits. However, it is worth noting that the type and frequency of treatments can vary greatly depending on each patient’s needs.

What to Look for In a Kingwood Chiropractor

A search for Kingwood chiropractic services should not be taken lightly. This practitioner should be much more than just a name on a welcome sign or business card. Each patient’s health is precious and should be entrusted to a chiropractor that:

  • Is licensed
  • Offers advanced clinical nutrition
  • Has years of experience providing chiropractic support to patients
  • Is recommended by past and current patients as well as industry peers
  • Educates patients about ways to optimize their health
  • Empowers patients to minimize pain without long term medicine use or unnecessary surgery
  • Uses corrective exercises, spinal and nervous system treatments, and nutritional support to promote good health

If you are suffering from nerve or joint pain and are in Kingwood, TX., choose chiropractic services offered by a reputable professional. It is time to take back your health. You are worth it!