It’s January 2018 and most of our clients are trying to implement their new years resolutions; I say trying because believe it or not over 90% of new years resolutions fail within the first two weeks of January. So what are we missing, why is it so hard implement a resolution or a habit? Should we even call it a resolution or should it be more like a goal? Resolution just sounds like it means earth shattering change or monumental change.

If there is one thing I have learned in my 17 years of helping people improve their health, weight loss, energy, digestion, thyroid disorder, sleep or allergies…it is that most people are not just focusing on one thing; they are focusing on a million things. Clearing your brain allows you to get rid of, or file away for later, the things that are not important or that bring about no good in your health and well being.

Your brain can handle one new idea, one new goal or commitment, however, it cannot handle 10. The more new strategies you try to implement to improve your health the more noise is created in your head, they clog up your brain’s capacity to process things and creates major distractions. We all know that distractions take away our time to get the really important things done throughout our day; the tasks or processes that are necessary to get done. You know when you sit down at your computer to do your taxes and you think you are just going to check your email for 5 minutes; that turn in to 2 hours. Did you know that the average person wastes, yes wastes 2 hours a day just clearing out their email box; you just wasted two hours and have still not accomplished anything positive or anything that will make a difference in your career, goals, or purpose.

So let’s get back to focusing on one idea, which can also mean purging on of those other ideas that are taking up space in your brain causing major distractions. Here is a technique I believe works really well; something you can implement tomorrow morning. In the morning, right when you wake up you are going to write down all of these ideas that are floating around in your brain, this doesn’t mean you will never address these ideas but for now you are getting them out of your brain. Here is how the exercise goes; and you can use this not only for your health goals but also for your job, relationships, wealth management and more.

  1. Using a journal or big sheet of paper, write down everything that’s on your mind. Don’t stop until you can’t think of anything else to write.
  2. Take a photo of your piece of paper and file it away for safekeeping.
  3. See if you can delete or cross out any items that aren’t worth worrying about—ever.
  4. Score the remaining items according to their impact (i.e. how important or urgent they are to improving your health).
  5. Circle the top three items that must remain in your sphere of focus, and transfer them (in order of importance) to your daily action pad, a Post-It note on your workspace, your refrigerator, or whatever. The more you see these items throughout the day the more likely you will take action to get them done.

You can now safely get rid of, or tear up/shred/bin that piece of paper. And with your head now freed from all those ideas, you can start thinking about where you want to go with your health. You will literally be amazed at how freeing this exercise is; most of us feel so stressed and overwhelmed throughout our day because of all of the clutter in our brains.

Use this exercise and let me know how it goes, even know it is the second week of January you can still implement this and get on the right track to improving your health for 2018.

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I will leave you with this quote that I think about every day:

“You are either in…or you are in the way”

Sometimes we have to get out of our own way in order to create change; don’t worry it is a good thing.

Yours in Health:
Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, ACN

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