Pinnacle Health & Wellness is open!

A pandemic virus can stop a lot of things in its tracks, but back pain isn’t one of those things. Neither are neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, or chronic headaches. With a focus on continued patient care, we have implemented several precautionary measures to ensure the safety of patients and staff in response to COVID-19.

Pinnacle Health & Wellness follows the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners and adheres to all state as well as federal regulations and mandates.

Thinking ahead…

Although we are open for a limited number of walk-ins, we encourage patients to schedule appointments ahead of time to facilitate social distancing.

Come on in…

In addition to requiring a mask upon entry, we have taken the following initiatives to prevent the spreading of germs in the waiting area:

  • For optimal social distancing, we allow only 1 patient in the waiting room at any given time, and only 1 patient in the treatment room
  • Interior and exterior door handles are sanitized after every patient enters or leaves
  • We are also limiting high-touch surfaces by reducing the number of objects on display tables
  • The chairs in the waiting area are sanitized after every patient
  • The front desk counter is disinfected after every patient
  • Hand sanitizer is available to all patients upon entry and exit

Let’s work on the pain…

As chiropractors we have to get hands-on, but we do so with your safety in mind. Most importantly: Let’s make sure our masks cover both the mouth and the nose at all times.

In addition:

  • Dr. Hamel thoroughly washes his hands before and after every patient treatment
  • The treatment table is diligently disinfected between patients

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to let Dr. Hamel know.

As you leave…

At check-out, consider applying some hand sanitizer, which is available at the counter. When you get home, remember to wash your hands. (You may sing any song you like, of course, but our favorite goes something like “The hip bone’s connected to the back bone…”)

3 Reasons Why Interrupting Chiropractic Care is a Bad Idea

  1. The pain may return; chiropractic treatment provides natural, non-invasive, non-medicated relief
  2. Ongoing treatment is designed to be a holistic approach for long-term wellness
  3. Unlike drug therapy, chiropractic care addresses the root cause of the pain instead of masking it; although medication and chiropractic treatment can achieve great results in tandem, drug therapy alone rarely corrects the underlying problem.

Stay safe, and stay healthy, at the same time. Contact Pinnacle Health & Wellness for an appointment and schedule online or call 281-360-8387 today!

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