Neck pain relief is one of the most common reasons that people seek out chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and medical doctors.

Over half of Americans have either suffered with or are now struggling with chronic neck spasm, cricks in the neck and stiffness. Dr. Tyler Hamel is a chiropractor in Kingwood, Texas that has treated thousands of neck pain patients over the years and says that most neck issues are caused by one major thing; and that’s postural stress.

The Root Cause Of The Problem

Dr. Hamel believes that it is important to know the root cause of the problem and what that is causing in the neck and spine. We experience a significant amount of postural pressure throughout our day, driving, eating, working on a computer, exercising, picking up our kids; all of this causes wear and tear on the neck and back, there is no way around it. So what does all these postural challenges end up causing in the spine? This Kingwood chiropractic doctor says that poor posture causes compression, stress and pressure on the joints of the spine, discs and sometimes the nerves. Think of squeezing a jelly donut says Dr. Hamel; too much pressure is going to cause damage in the spinal joints of the neck and back.

The cervical spine, (the neck), is supposed to have a C-shaped curve, so the spine bends back in a C-shape which is the best posture for the neck. When the C-curve is maintained this creates the least amount of pressure on the neck, muscles, spine and nerves. Recreating the C-curve in the neck is one of Dr. Hamel’s main objectives when trying to help his patients get some neck pain relief.

As a chiropractic doctor, Tyler Hamel DC has seen significant positive changes, structural changes in the cervical spine using specific spinal treatments and corrective exercises. It’s actually pretty simple says Dr. Hamel, two things have to happen, first the excess pressure has to be released from the spine meaning decompression of the spine. Second posture has to be corrected and this means activating the muscle in the mid back and stretching those tight muscles in the pectoralis and neck. Keep in mind that poor posture and it’s effects take years to form so it does take some investment of time to correct and retrain.

As quickly as possible this chiropractor recommends 3 exercises to his patients to help decrease pain, decrease inflammation and improve posture.

1. Shoulder blade squeeze to activate those mid back or rhomboid muscles. Turning on these muscles helps to pull the shoulders back and improve posture of the neck and back. He recommends doing 1 set of 10 repetitions every hour which takes about 15 seconds. He demonstrates the starting and finishing positions. Really make sure to pull those shoulder blades down and in with those mid back or rhomboid muscles.

2. The Pectoralis Muscle Wall Stretch – because we do so much stuff in front of us our shoulders seem to be rolled forward and our pectoralis muscles are always tight. Tight pects cause shoulders to be pulled forward and that stresses out the shoulders, back and neck. For this stretch get on the wall and really open up your shoulder, hold for 30-45 seconds. If the pects are really tight one might feel some tingling in to the hand but this will get better over time.

3. Cervical C-Curve Retraining – The importance of having the C-curve in the neck is critical if one is looking to limit the amount of neck and back pain episodes. Take a rolled up towel, preferably a bath towel, lie down and put it underneath your neck; this creates an automatic C-curve. This allows the spine to be in a perfect postural position but the patient does not have to try and create the C-curve actively. When patients are dealing with severe neck pain it is very difficult for them to look up at the ceiling and further to create the curve. Lie on the towel starting at 3 minutes and working up to 5 minutes, just breathe and relax.

Why Try These Neck Pain Exercises

Patient who are seeking out neck pain relief should consider trying these stretches and exercises to help improve posture and take pressure off of the spine. How long does it take to feel better, Dr. Hamel here’s this question often, look at investing 4-6 weeks to be able to create a new posture for the body to get used to.

For some of Dr. Hamel’s patients it is hard to imagine what living without neck pain feels like because they have been dealing with it for years. Dr. Hamel admits some neck pain cases he is unable to help and need to be referred to a medical specialist; but for the most part over 80% of his patients will see positive improvement after a few visits and corrective exercise sessions. Seeing thousands of patients and being a chiropractor for over 20 years Dr. Hamel always recommends asking your medical doctor or specialist if these exercises would be good to try.

Dr. Tyler Hamel is the owner of Pinnacle Health and Wellness Inc.Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic. He has been helping his Kingwood, Texas community get healthier by providing spinal treatments, corrective exercises and nutritional guidance to help bring about a new level of health for each patient.

One can reach out to find more about neck pain relief and if his methods would be a good fit.

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