Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, Kingwood chiropractic doctor provides back pain relief to thousands of patients in the Kingwood/Humble area.

Back pain can come in many different forms, explanations, conditions and diagnoses; here are just a few: back spasm, back strain, “my back went out”, disc bulge, disc herniation, back sprain, sciatica, disc degeneration, spondylolisthesis, slipped disc, misalignment, subluxation, scoliosis, and muscle spasm to name a few.

Just as there are many names and conditions for back pain there are also many treatments. Let’s break down the back pain treatments into medical and natural.

Medical: back surgery, cortisone shots, pain shots, pain medicine, oral steroids, anti inflammatory medicine, muscle relaxers, PRP therapy, prolotherapy, and stem cell.

Natural or Alternative Therapy- chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, dry needling, mechanical traction, cold laser, supplements/vitamins, spinal manipulation, Arriosti, NLP, ultrasound, tens unit, rolfing, ART, ozone therapy and many more.

Dr. Hamel DC, Kingwood chiropractic doctor provides back pain relief to his patients using chiropractic adjustments and corrective/postural exercises. Most low back pain, says Dr. Hamel, comes from postural stress causing compression in the lower spine of the back. Over time this compression causes joint irritation, nerve irritation and muscle spasm giving back pain. While this Kingwood chiropractor is a fan of other alternative therapies, he comments that unless you can decompress the spine and release the pressure it is very difficult for someone to get rid of their low back pain. Many alternative therapies work on decreasing muscle spasm and inflammation which is also a key to getting better, but without the spinal realignment, (back popping), the back pain relief just won’t last.

Tyler Hamel DC has been practicing chiropractor for 18 years, and has owned his own chiropractic office in Kingwood, Texas fittingly called Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic. In most cases says Dr. Hamel, our patients have 80% less back pain within 4-8 chiropractic treatments. Once you get the spine aligned, more stabile and have the patient consistently doing postural exercises; the back pain just goes away.

This Kingwood chiropractor has helped many low back pain patients avoid getting surgery using only chiropractic spinal manipulation, (back cracking), and corrective exercises. Dr. Hamel says for most patients the last thing they want is to get surgery; we can’t make this happen for every patient but certainly the majority do respond and avoid back surgery. Over the past 18 years Dr. Hamel does admit that with some patients there was no other option, their scoliosis or disc herniations were just too severe and no matter the chiropractic treatment they received; the back pain persisted.

A true story, this Kingwood chiropractor provided back pain relief to himself. Yes it is true, back in December 2003 Dr. Hamel was diagnosed with a bulging disc in his low back, specifically L5-S1; he was experiencing very severe pain while sitting, standing, and worst of all working on his patients. Through the course of one year of doing chiropractic therapy, (with another chiropractor of course) and corrective exercises his condition significantly improved. Today, 15 years later Dr. Hamel is pain free, works on lots of patients, plays competitive tennis and pretty much lives a pain free life.

This is why Dr. Tyler Hamel, chiropractic doctor is so passionate about helping people, not just that but he enjoys giving his patients the tools to get themselves better, stronger, more flexible and more functional. Chiropractic care has allowed himself to live a very healthy, energetic, and pain free life and he would not change it for anything.

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