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Kingwood Chiropractor explains that there are many treatments giving natural back pain relief and why chiropractic care is the highest on the list for over 100 years. Back pain treatment offered by chiropractor is by far the safest, most effective, most natural form of therapy compared to any other profession.

What Is Causing My Back Pain?

Back pain whether acute or chronic is a major stress on the body. How is anyone expected to focus on their day, job, kids, exercise, driving, sleeping or house work when their back tension is creating a miserable situation?

Unfortunately today we hear our friends, family or coworkers say things like, “my back went out”, “I think I slipped a disc”, “the pain brought me to my knees”, “I feel like an old man or old lady”, “my back is killing me”, ” I have a back problem”, and there are plenty more.

Most Houstonians are looking for a quick fix for back pain relief; instead of finding out the root cause of their back irritation they just end up taking a pain medicine, muscle relaxer or anti-inflammatory.

Low back pain patients in Houston spend millions of dollars every month on over the counter medicine to relieve their back pain. Lets get back to the question, what is causing back pain? “Don’t people want to know?” asks Kingwood chiropractor Dr. Hamel, and goes on to say, “not knowing the cause does not allow for the proper treatment”.

Postural Stress – The Most Common Cause Of Back Pain Today

The major cause of back pain in America is postural stress; yes many Americans have poor posture slouching over on a computer, to eat or watch TV. Postural stress causes spinal compression in the neck and low back so over time this increases pressure in the spine, nerves and muscles.

The irritation from postural stress causes misalignment of the spine, nerve irritation, inflammation, pain and muscle spasm; it all goes together. Ninety percent of all back and neck pain is caused by postural stress, of course there are other things like car accidents, falls, work injuries that can obviously be a major contributor.

What To Do About Back Aches and Spasms?

When you see someone grabbing their low back and falling to the ground, or when someone is trying to go from sitting to standing and they have to stand up really slowly; often times their muscles are so tight which is preventing them from moving. When the low back is freezing up this means the muscles are contracting and they don’t want to let go. Instead of taking a muscle relaxer the question one should ask is what is causing my muscles to be angry, why is my back aching so badly and what can be done to give some back pain relief?

With chronic low back pain and spasm often times spinal misalignment is pinching on a nerve which is what causes the muscle to grab and not let go. To get rid of back aches and tightness one has to decompress or get rid of the pressure on the spine.

Simply this will decrease nerve irritation and the muscle throbbing and the aching back will go away. In order to relieve back pain one has to address and fix the root cause and this is what chiropractic treatment offers. Back pain treatment from a chiropractor is similar to physical therapy where the patient would receive multiple visits until they are out of pain and more functional.

Other things that can be done to give back pain relief is alternating heat and ice. This can help calm down taught muscles by bringing some circulation in to the area. Releasing a constricted muscle can sometimes help with spinal misalignment, nerve irritation, and back aches; by actually reducing or getting rid of it. These are all natural ways to help with muscle tightness which are preferable and there is always strong medicine, pain shots, cortisone shots and muscle relaxers if needed.

How Does Chiropractic Care Offer Back Pain Relief?

The chiropractic profession has been around for more than 100 years and its treatment philosophy has always focused on nature first and medicine last. Doctors of chiropractic focus on healing the body from the inside out using specific spinal adjustments to improve range of motion and get rid of back problems. These help align the spine, take pressure off of nerves, and improve overall function of the spine and nervous system.

When spinal function is improved a person will have less chance of having any kind of neck pain, headaches, back pain, and sciatica. It’s that simple says Dr. Hamel, improve spinal function and the pain goes away.

Chiropractic adjustments use a specific force directed to the spinal joints in the neck or back. This causes pressure to be released and function to be restored putting an end to these common back pain problems. Dr. Hamel has been a practicing chiropractor in the Kingwood, TX area for over 19 years. He has helped thousands of patients with neck and back pain giving them significant improvement with chiropractic care. On top of offering chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Hamel truly believes that every patient needs to be doing more to get results more quickly. Corrective postural exercises and optimizing their nutrition are keys to be able to heal and repair more effectively. This Kingwood chiropractor gives his patients homework and if they do it they will see back pain relief quicker and every one wants to get out of pain more quickly says Dr. Hamel.

Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, ACN sees patients out his his Kingwood chiropractic office Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic. His treatment philosophy focuses on spine/nervous system balancing, structure/postural correction and nutrition. Patients can choose the type of treatment they are looking for and the duration of their chiropractic treatment plan. The most common back problems Dr. Hamel sees are chronic back pain, sprains, strains, sciatica, disc bulge, disc herniation, and back spasm.

Dr. Hamel is a member of Chiro-Trust and has taken an oath: “To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.”

For chronic neck and low back pain sufferers this Kingwood chiropractor provides his new patients comprehensive chiropractic. Dr. Tyler’s knowledge, and experience sets him apart from other practitioners in the area. He gives a specific plan to get his patients feeling better and out of pain as quickly as possible.

To schedule a chiropractic new patient appointment please call 281-360-8387 to get to the root cause of your back pain and find out how to fix it.

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How many chiropractic adjustments do you recommend to relieve neck and back pain issues?

Depending on the severity of the pain, the history of the patients and what therapies they have tried so far; it can be different for each patient. Dr. Hamel strives to get his new patients feeling better within the first 4 chiropractic treatments.

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