Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, Kingwood chiropractor provides neck pain relief to thousands of patients in his community for over the past 16 years. When looking for a chiropractic doctor near Kingwood, Texas; Dr. Hamel takes a very simple approach to getting people feeling better and out of pain quickly

Dr. Hamel’s approach to getting his patients out of pain quickly and back to enjoying the normal activities of the day.

  1. Finding the root cause of the problem – this is what chiropractors do best, and most of the time the main thing causing a patient’s neck pain is a compressed spine caused by postural stress. Looking at how much compression, stress and irritation there is in the neck or back is as simple as proving a Surface EMG scan on the new patient’s first visit. The neck pain will go away once the spine and nerve irritation levels gone down on the Surface EMG scan.
  2. Provide a service to help get rid of the root cause of the neck pain – Dr. Hamel, chiropractor provides neck pain relief by administering specific spinal adjustments, commonly called “pops” or “cracks” to his patients. The spinal adjustment or alignment decompresses the spine removing pressure and stress from the neck; this decompression effect causes the pain to go away.
  3. Recommended corrective or postural exercises for the patient – Chiropractic adjustments are really mind blowing, kind of like a reboot to your computer. Some times patients explain them as an out of body experience, or they can now feel blood flow into their head and down their arms, or they now have more energy or they just feel in balance. Chiropractic adjustments release stress and take pressure off of nerves so this makes sense that patients would have these comments. One very important thing that most chiropractors don’t educate their patients on is postural exercises. Postural stress is usually the main contributing factor to neck and back pain, this creates all of the excess compression in the spine. So Dr. Hamel truly believes that all patients must be aware of postural exercises that help hold the chiropractic adjustment for longer.

If you are looking for a Kingwood chiropractor providing neck pain relief why not choose the doctor who has lots of experience and lots of great reviews? Dr. Tyler Hamel DC says that patients want simple; that’s it; they want to come in and get relief of their neck pain and get on back to work, home, to their families or to the gym. Dr. Hamel’s philosophy on helping thousands of patients get rid of their neck pain over the past 18 years is find the cause, fix it and release them.

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