The majority of the population today is suffering with some kind of neck pain, kink in the neck, muscle spasm, knots, headaches and more. Kingwood chiropractor Dr. Hamel says that most people don’t realize that neck pain relief has never been so easy to take care of, eliminate, kick it to the curb so that it never returns again. Instead most American’s seek out pain relief from their medical doctor in the form of prescription medication, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicine and other strong Opioid drugs.

So why do most people suffering with neck aches and spasms never seek out chiropractic neck pain relief? The biggest reason, and I know it sounds simple, is that they just don’t know about it. Usually people who seek out pain relief for their neck or back only go to a natural pain doctor like a chiropractor because their friend told them to go. Doctors of chiropractic have been around since the early 1900’s providing natural alternatives to medicine for headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, hip pain, knee pain and more. So what is the difference between holistic medicine like chiropractic adjustments and mainstream medicine such as prescribing medicine?

There are two ways to look at healing the body, they are totally different and opposite and they have been around forever. There is wholism which means finding the root cause of a health problem, like neck pain, then prescribing a treatment plan to correct the problem, correcting the problem means you are not just treating symptoms or covering up the pain. Reductionism is the other form of health care; you can call that mainstream medicine, where they look at managing a symptom but not addressing the cause of the problem. This would be like taking a prescription pain medicine or anti-inflammatory year after year, it might make you feel better but the instant you stop taking the medicine your pain returns…it never really went away.

Kingwood-Spring chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Hamel has been a practicing chiropractic for over 17 years and he says that neck pain relief has never been so easy because of what he has seen with his patients; what kind of results they are getting. In order to be successful at alleviating stubborn neck pain Dr. Hamel says you need to address two things. The two most common contributors to body aches and pains are spine/nerve irritation,(called subluxations), and muscle spasm which can be in the form of trigger points, or scar tissue. If not corrected you can’t expect to get rid of the neck pain, it is plain and simple says Dr. Hamel; it’s not rocket science it’s just plain and simple bones, nerves, structure and alignment.

So the question might be how do you address the root causes of subluxations and muscle spasm giving neck pain or other aches and pains? To naturally relieve neck pain we can remove or correct subluxations using chiropractic manipulation or re-alignment, muscle releasing techniques and corrective postural exercise. Dr. Hamel’s chiropractic offices in Kingwood and Spring use both manual spinal adjustments and instrument adjusting with a tool. During his 17 years of experience Dr. Hamel has learned that chiropractic patients are very particular in what technique they like; for those who do not like the popping and cracking sounds he uses and instrument; for other areas of tightness and joint restrictions he can also use a manual technique. Either way the results are the same; to re-align the spine, take pressure off the nerves and allow the patient to now heal and repair like they should be able to; now the pain and other symptoms can go away. For releasing those pesky, unwanted knots and trigger points that cause pain and discomfort Dr. Hamel uses a rapid release machine, this machine actually helps break up scar tissue and tight muscles using vibration and sound waves; after a treatment most patient’s report seeing a noticeable improvement or pain relief. Lastly as a chiropractor, Dr. Tyler truly believes in balancing out postural stress with postural corrective exercises so he always recommends exercises to his patients to help the improve their posture and hold their adjustments longer.

Some people ask, so how long does it take to get rid of the pain, to get me back to feeling normal again. As a chiropractic doctor who works holistically with the body the answer to that question is different for everyone. For those suffering with chronic neck or back pain how long do you think it takes to get that way? The correction process happens over a period of 1-3 months; sometimes shorter and sometimes longer; a conditions does not usually happen overnight so it takes some time to correct alignment and get the spine to stabilize. Remember that chiropractic treatment plans are geared towards dealing with the root cause of the problem and fixing it; not to just to treat pain or a symptom… medicine does this. Look at the two scans below that were taken about one month apart; the surface EMG scans show spine and nerve irritation; green-mild, blue-moderate, red-severe.



If you are looking for a more natural form of neck pain relief, than this Kingwood chiropractic office might be the place for you. What have you got to lose? So many people are suffering with chronic neck and back pain and they just keep on doing what they are doing and it is not working. With many of my patients I use the check engine light analogy.

If a person jumps in their car to go drive to work and they see the check engine light on what do they usually do? If you are a bit like me, It kind of scares me and I think I need to get this checked out right away. If someone is feeling lucky they might just decide to risk it; maybe they get in their car and drive to work for the next week and they still see that check engine light on but they kind of get used to it so it doesn’t bother them anymore. But what eventually happens? you guessed it, one day the car doesn’t start, the car has given it’s warning for a week but the warning didn’t work. So now the cost to fix the car might be a lot more than it was when the check engine light first came on. This same thing happens to people who have neck and back pain for a long time; they get used to it and think to themselves it is just normal.

If there is one thing to learn from this article is that pain is never normal; when the check engine light goes on in your body for pain it is doing it for a reason. For all of those folks out there that say the have “normal neck pain”, “normal back pain”, “normal headaches” or “normal sciatica”; there is no such thing. You might also hear the common phrase of neck and back pains, “it isn’t really that bad today”, “it’s not bothering me so much today”; this is just people trying to pretend that living with pain is normal. Imagine waking up with severe neck stiffness every day; then imagine you lived with that for years; then one day you woke up and the pain was gone; just how much better do you think you would feel? Do you think you deserve to feel good with no pain? When you don’t have to think about your pain all day just imagine how much you can get done, more energy, more productive and just plain happier. Did you know that chronic pain is the most common stress that human beings have to deal with; yes neck and back pain are that common that they contribute to the most common stress put on the body; scary.

Kingwood chiropractor Dr. Tyler Hamel has over 17 years experience treating patients so when he says neck pain relief has never been so easy he really means it; and thousands of patient’s would agree.

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