Kingwood chiropractor is using CBD oil to help give relief for chronic neck and back pain patients. CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural hemp product that is taking the world by storm. Quality products and services are exactly what this Kingwood chiropractor and nutritionist is all about; “you can’t buy cheap products and expect to get good results; it just doesn’t work”, says Dr. Hamel to all of his patients. The company he decided to use for his CBD products is call Clean Remedies; they go the extra mile to provide quality, organic, and affordable products.

The researched benefits of CBD oil are many, this Kingwood chiropractor using natural CBD oil is a game changer for those patients struggling with chronic neck and back pain. For his Kingwood chiropractic patients Dr. Hamel is using the CBD products to help decrease pain and inflammation. This is how it works; there are cannabinoid receptors on each cell, which means there is a certain amount of natural cannabinoid in the body already. The CBD hemp extracts help to make these receptors more sensitive to the cannabinoids already floating around in the body. You can think of the receptor sites as a doorman, you don’t want anything blocking the doorman, you want the doorman to be ready to let in the cannabinoids.

When a cannabinoid attaches to the receptor sites, it causes the inflammatory and pain response to be diminished. So anywhere in the body that is experiencing inflammation and pain, say the neck or low back spine and muscles for example, will start to feel better. The brain is the organ that sends a signal to create inflammation and pain so the CBD oil helps to diminish that signaling affect. This is why this hemp extract compliments chiropractic care so well, getting rid of neck and back pain quickly is what every new patient wants.

Plain and simple, the more inflammation one has in their neck, back, shoulder or knee; the more pain they are going to have. Anti-inflammatory options like ice packs work well but have no effect on convincing the brain to stop producing pain and inflammation. Supplements like turmeric, boswellia and cod liver oil all have a natural anti inflammatory effect so these work well together with a natural product like CBD hemp extracts.

Going The Extra Mile To Alleviate Neck and Back Pain – Dr. Tyler Hamel DC uses a multi-step approach to helping his patients get out of pain quickly. First he identifies areas of spine and nerve compression and irritation in the neck and back. Second using specific chiropractic adjustments Dr. Hamel decompresses the spine, removes nerve irritation and restores proper spinal function. When pressure is removed from the spine, nerve irritation is diminished and back and neck pain will go away. Third Dr. Hamel gives specific corrective, postural exercises and stretches to help his patients get better quicker and then stay out of pain. Fourth, because Tyler Hamel is both a Kingwood chiropractor and nutritionist he provides natural whole food supplements, herbs and now CBD oil to help the body reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and help speed up the healing and repair process for neck pain, back pain, sciatica and headaches.

To learn more about CBD oil you can contact his Kingwood chiropractic office at:

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