19 year veteran Kingwood chiropractor Dr. Tyler Hamel explains why he loves chiropractic and helping thousands of patients.

With all of the uncertain challenges that healthcare and the lifestyle we all seem to be falling into these days; my Kingwood chiropractic patients often ask me why did you become a chiropractor or they might say “wow, 19 years and you are still going”.

When I was a young teenager I was pretty obsessed with sports and human performance; I was always amazed at the “super human” abilities of athletes, especially individual sports where it was one versus one. I was even very competitive when I was really young, from age 4-12 I played soccer, from age nine I played handball and tennis which my dad got me into.

In high school I played tennis, volleyball, basketball and badminton of all sports, I just felt comfortable on the court, on any court really. I am embarrassed to admit that I thought I was pretty good at all of those sports but in reality I was just above average at best. The only sport I really excelled at was handball; before you know it as a junior I was winning Canadian titles and then World Championships and then I became a professional handballer; yes there is such a thing.

When I was in college playing on the handball tour and for the college at the same time I distinctly remember having a big bottle of ibuprofen in my handball bag; my shoulders and knees were always sore and I really didn’t know what else to take. Back then, in 1994 pretty much every doctor, sports doctor, athletic trainer and physical therapist were OK prescribing anti-inflammatory medicine like Advil and ibuprofen for any and all wear and tear injuries like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain.

In my last two years of college I ended up giving up the ibuprofen; even then I had read some articles stating it was not good for your stomach lining, kidney, liver and probably a lot of other things. Honestly from 1995 till now 2019 I can probably count the number of ibuprofen tablets I have taken on one hand.

Ok so back to the reasons I am a chiropractor, basically providing neck and back pain relief to thousands of patients. Simple, I see the need for better health, even know we have advanced health care services, more organic foods in grocery stores and more access to vitamins and minerals; American’s health just stinks. So my mission as a chiropractor is to educate the masses on how to take care of themselves and become healthier using chiropractic care and nutrition. This means one thing has to be consistent with me; yes, I have to live the healthy chiropractic and nutrition lifestyle, and that means every day.

I realize that not every patient is going to do what I recommend but I am OK with that; as long as I get a chance to educate them, to give them my healthy chiropractic and nutrition recommendations; that is a big thing in my book. Most people don’t know how chiropractic helps neck and back pain, most people don’t know what to do naturally to help their blood pressure or cholesterol, there are millions of people out there today that have taken prescription medicine for 10, 20 or 30 years and they are no healthier because of it. If people are open and willing to listen to me explain the cause of their neck pain, back pain or sciatica and what to do about it; I think that is great; they may have never heard it before and I may be the only doctor every to tell them.

So let’s get back to why there is a gigantic need for chiropractic, nutritionists and other alternative medicine:

  1. People are more obese now than ever before; guess what being overweight causes extra weight on all of the joints in the body causing neck pain, low back pain, migraines, sciatica and more.
  2. Due to the standard American diet, (SAD), people are dealing with more blood sugar issues and inflammation than ever before; meaning fatigue, cravings, spare tire, poor sleep, thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances and of course aches, pains and arthritis.
  3. More than ever these days, because people are so unhealthy, they are looking for a quick fix to tiredness, restless leg, obesity, high blood pressure, chronic pain, headaches and constipation. OK so let’s just stop right here, most likely your health would improve by at least 50% if you get the “quick fix” mentality out of your head, yes do it right now.
  4. People are more entitled now than ever before, unfortunately thinking the healthcare system will take care of them, take care of their health as they get old. If taking care of their health means an endless supply of pain medicine, blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine or diabetic medicine then that is pretty sad and sending the wrong message.
  5. I am seeing younger and younger patients coming in complaining of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low vitamin D, little to no testosterone, hypothyroid, arthritis, obesity, headaches, postural problems, back pain and neck pain. 19 years ago these types of patients coming in were over 50, now they are in their 20’s.

Hopefully this is pretty obvious that there is a need for American’s to improve their health; otherwise everything listed above will get worse; it’s just the natural progression. Instead of bombarding everyone with, here is the “quick fix product or medicine” to get you healthier, people need to be educated on why they struggling with their health problems; the underlying or root causes. In my experience treating patients in the Kingwood area for over 19 years, if patients are not up for learning why they have a condition; it is really hard for them to participate and get better. “Just fix me doc”, just doesn’t cut it anymore; the patient’s body will fix itself if given the right healthy remedies over time.

What are the right healthy remedies and lifestyle changes that can naturally help improve someone’s health?

1. Alternative medicine like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutritional programs and cryotherapy.

2. Strategies to destress such as meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. Think of how much stress will bring upon ourselves today? Everyone would be better off if the destressed or decompressed a little bit each and every day.

3. Diet – eating real food will help everyone be healthier, meats, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and beans are easily digested and provides good nutrients to the body. Avoid processed foods, what are those you ask? Anything that comes in a box, bag or can; avoiding these will help regulate blood sugar and decrease inflammation; something we could all use.

4. Exercise – the body likes stress in small doses, whether it be high intensity, low impact exercise, riding a bike, walking, cross-fit or swimming; this kind of stress helps the body get healthier. Chronic stress or prolonged stress is different; this will have a negative effect on health causing anything from fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and more.

Incorporating these healthy habits in to your daily schedule consistently will allow the body to make significant improvements in its health; yes it really is that simple. What I have seen over the past 19 years in my patients who are successful is this:

  1. Write down on a piece of paper where you are with your health right now and where you would like to be in 90 days. Look at this every day and write notes to how things are going, challenges, struggles, wins and achievements. As you may have heard before, writing it down make it more real.
  2. Start setting your alarm to wake up 15 minutes earlier than you have been, this will allow you to get your morning started the right way, meditate, short exercise or stretching, then do some writing in a journal. 15 minutes is manageable, waking up an hour earlier is a bit tough on the body.
  3. Count your carbohydrates every day using an app like myfitnesspal, just start with carbs, trying to get your daily carb count down to less than 100 grams per day. Carbohydrates turn into sugar and eating too much of this food group will get you in trouble with energy, sleep, weight, brain fog and more.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people, the last thing you need when you are trying to incorporate a bunch of healthy habits are naysayers, Debbie downers and negative people, get them out of your life because they will inevitably drag you down and sabotage your efforts.
  5. Be realistic with your health goals and don’t give yourself a hard time or be too hard on yourself through the journey.
  6. Go get yourself pampered with a massage, chiropractic, cryotherapy or acupuncture; these all help to take stress off the body.

As a chiropractor and nutritionist in the Kingwood, TX area, this is my mission, get information out to the masses about health and wellness strategies that really work, not just for myself but for the thousands of clients that I have been fortunate enough to help over the last 19 years.

Please use this information, incorporate some or all of it into your daily life, make it a part of your lifestyle. As always if you are unsure if these strategies are safe for you if you are dealing with a certain healthy issue or diagnosis please consult your medical doctor before implementing any of these recommendations.

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