Spinal bones are connected together by interlocking “fingers” of bone called facets. The facet joints are extremely nerve-rich and relay a variety of information regarding joint motion and position to the brain. It is this information that allows us to sense our own posture and body movements or pain when dysfunction exists. Normally, these joint surfaces are smooth and “slick” with a joint lubricant.

Prolonged, uncorrected dysfunction can cause the joint surfaces to become rough, irritated and inflamed. Because the fluid lubricant requires proper and complete joint motion to keep it circulating, joint stiffness can further accelerate the degenerative process by starving the cartilage of much-needed oxygen and nutrients. The build-up of waste products can also lead to toxic levels.

A chiropractic adjustment is the most effective and most thoroughly researched treatment method available for the alleviation of facet joint irritation. The word “adjustment” describes hundreds of ways of using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore joints to normal motion and position. Low back spine pain treatments performed by a qualified chiropractor improve joint flexibility and restore strength to areas weakened by misalignment. It also alleviates strain on surrounding muscles that are overworked in their efforts to compensate for joint dysfunction.